Fabric Care

  1. Sarees should be dry-cleaned only. (white petrol wash)
  2. Harsh surface abrasion would result in distortion of textural stability.
  3. Silk sarees should always be covered with washed soft cloth white storing in almirahs.
  4. It is not advisable to spray perfume directly on Jari portion of the saree.
  5. Do not rub, scrub or beat articles made from silk.
  6. Do not use an unduly hot iron when pressing the fabrics. Do not sprinkle water over silk fabric before ironing, Instead use a thin wet cloth over the silk fabric.  
  7. Do not store Jari Sarees / Materials in plastic covers or card board boxes as it could reduce the shine of the Jari.
  8. Never put napthalene balls in silk sarees while storing, as it can chemically react with silk and jari.
  9. Colours & Jari not guaranteed for sweat and rain water.
  10. Our exquisite Silk Saree is created by our Master weavers, the sarees are very delicate due to the texture & intricacy of the design, kindly note to take extra care of the sarees.
  11. Sarees have to be worn only after saree fall attached.
  12. Avoid wearing sharp healed footwear.
  13. Blouse to be stitched with fused lining for delicate fabrics like Kora, Zari by Zari and brocade sarees.