Types of South Indian Silk Sarees


Gorgeously designed, beautifully textured and available in myriad colors and materials, Vijayalakshmi sarees is synonymous with quality and authentic sarees that are as in demand for their look as their quality. In the business since the last nine decades, we incorporate original traditional designs in our sarees, but give them a new, innovative touch. We ensure that our customers get the feel of the fabric and experience what their grandmothers did while wearing them.

From simple Indian traditional sarees, Uppadas, Gadhwal, Patola, Jamavar, Jamdhani to Banarasi silk sarees, Crepe silk and Georgette silk, the collection is elaborate and an absolute value for money. We research designs and patterns before using them in our sarees. Customers can therefore find many traditional and forgotten patterns recurring in newer designs of sarees.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are created by master weavers from Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu. These woven beauties feel as beautiful as they look when draped. The Bridal Kanchipuram silk sarees continues to hold pride of place among the various silk saree varieties available. Kanchipuram silk is preferred for bridal sarees for its durability and grandeur. These sarees lasts for a lifetime and even longer. Vijayalakshmi Silks is an exclusive online shopping store to buy Indian Kanchipuram bridal silk sarees at weaver's price.

Chiffon Silk, one of our most popular sarees, is a lightweight, balanced, sheer silk saree woven with an alternate yarn pattern. This transparent Saree, is versatile enough to be used for all kinds of occasion, and can be as grand or as simple depending on the blouse or accessories it is paired with. This Saree is also a great wear for summer months, because of its cooling effect on the skin.

Among the traditional Indian bridal wear, Banarasi Silk sarees flatters a woman's personality. An important part of the bridal trousseau, these sarees carry traditional Indian pattern and motifs passed through the centuries, are delicate, gossamer and very feminine. They are also woven in traditional colors of vermilion red, saffron yellow and sea green.

There are many handloom weaves in India, and Kota Silk made out of pure cotton and silk, in unique square cut patterns look beautiful and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. The process of weaving is elaborate and yarn often strengthened traditionally by homemade material, giving the fabric strength and versatility. Kota silk sarees have a fine weave, are light weight and are often used as summer wears.

Designer Silk sarees are woven in silk and other materials, incorporating a varied selection of patterns, motifs and colors, and can be used for any kind of occasion. Designer silk sarees often come with sequins, embroidery and brocade, that give them a rich feel and a look of festivity. Zari, pipes, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones are also added to festive them up.

Among sarees, Tussar Silk Sarees has a rich texture a deep hue and rich shine that make it stand apart. Tussar sarees are often enriched with tribal art and embroidery and available in plain or print. They have an intricate weave and incorporate vivid colors beautifully.

Vijayalakshmi also features an exclusive range of pure silk sarees, chiffon silk sarees and crepe silk sarees for every kind of occasion. These are made from authentic pure materials and carry the silk mark. Our South Indian wedding collection is exclusive, original and uses traditional weaving techniques. Tradition is the soul of Vijayalakshmi silks and that is what we ensure you carry wherever you go.