Latest Indian Traditional Wedding Silk Sarees for the Bride

Latest Indian Traditional Wedding Silk Sarees for the Bride

Indian weddings involve a host of functions and are treated more like an extravaganza than just traditional rituals. Consisting of functions like engagement ceremony, reception and wedding ceremonies there are various functions to celebrate for the Indian Wedding Occasion.

Apart from lavish decor and grandeur celebrations, bride and groom's fabric, the other most significant thing that comes to our mind is what the bride going to wear during the South Indian wedding occasion. It involves colossal music, groundbreaking dances and a drama with a plethora of characters and of course the bonding between two families for generations to come.

Nowadays the entire wedding is based on theme dresses of ladies especially. Apart from being fun, these Indian wedding events usually include some three hundred plus guests, thus one can expect a plenty of colors play happening, in terms of the Indian traditional outfits. But among all these outfits there is something that is really special- the Kanchipuram pattu (Pure Silk Sarees) which is considered one of India’s finest fabrics. The sheen, the texture, the grandeur, the motif designs and the vivid colors– we love almost everything about it.

What to wear to the Engagement Ceremony

Choose dazzling Indian Traditional Wear Saree for your Engagement Ceremony. The Banarasi Saree with zardozi work and other thread embroideries will make this saree look elegant, classic yet fashionable. Created in eye-catching color shades and pattern, the Banarasi silk sarees of India are so famous today that they are exported all over the world.

Banarasi Silk saree
The price of the Saree: Rs. 38,980/-

Saree Information: Finely woven kadva Meenakari jaal on an intricately woven pink Kathan Banarasi Silk saree. A must have for a bridal trousseau, a good saree for the main occasion due to its traditional and intricate design. Ideal ensemble for an engagement saree, due to its bright color to portray a fresh start.

What to wear to the Haldi Ceremony

The Indian Bridal events are generally kicked off with the Haldi ceremony. In this ceremony, a concoction made from turmeric, sandalwood, oil and water is rubbed on the bride and the groom’s body. The modern day Haldi ceremony is more about following the culture and has become a fun event with all the guests and friends utterly enjoying smearing Haldi on the groom and the bride. Relaxed light Indian Traditional Silk Saree attire looks charmed in shades of yellow or red would be a good choice.

Pure Silk saree
The Price of the Saree: Rs.44,490/-

Saree Information: Bright red checkered Pure Zari Kanchipuram Pure Silk Saree brocade is a favorite amongst the brides of India due to the sheer brightness of the color in earthy colors or deeper hues would also work well for the Haldi ceremony. This masterpiece would be a saree connoisseur’s favorite.

What to Wear To the Reception

The start of the Indian wedding events is through the reception party. It is an event where the couple offers thanks to the guests for their presence, good wishes, blessings and wedding gifts.

When deciding on how to dress for an Indian wedding reception ceremony, women have the extravagance of choosing from diverse options of Indian traditional outfits for reception look like Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. Style your Kanchipuram Wedding Silk Saree differently! It’s just about adding a little bit of richness to the traditional!

Pure Designer Silk Saree
The Price of the Saree: Rs.47,490/-

Saree Information: A beautiful red-pink jangla Kanchipuram brocade Pure Designer Silk Saree with an intricately woven peacock on the border.

What to Wear to the Wedding Ceremony

The actual wedding is the source of all the celebratory Indian wedding events. Most of the guests will be decked in embellished bold clothing with emphatic jewelry pieces. Opulence works for an Indian wedding ceremony, so reserve your finest Indian Traditional Silk Saree for this day.

Unlike other Indian wedding events, the wedding ceremony is a ritual driven occasion. So it is always a display of myriad traditional outfits. Traditional Silk Sarees and lehengas with embellishments are great choices among Indian Bride.

Indian traditional Silk saree
The Price of the Saree: Rs.49,980/-

Saree Information: Dampatch motif’s on a royal blue Kanchipuram pure zari brocade contrasted with a kuttu korvai burnt orange border. An Indian traditional Silk saree for the Muhurtham (Wedding/Phera) due to the vibrancy of color which is considered as most auspicious color by the South Indian bride.

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