What makes Kanchipuram silk sarees so popular?


Kanchipuram silk sarees has always been considered to be a timeless classic.  No wonder we see celebrities wearing them for award ceremonies and even at their weddings,  thus ensuring that these sarees are always in the spotlight!


Kanchipuram sarees were always the favorite choice for the women from the South of the country to dress up in their best, but lately, there has been a lot of interest for this saree from the rest of the country too. 


With a revival of the very traditional look through sarees in the collections of leading Indian designers for bridal wear, there has been a search for newer traditional weaves apart from the much worn Banarsi.  After an overdose of lehengas and gowns in weddings and the return of all gold temple jewellery and kundan jewellery, sarees seem the perfect accompaniment for special occasions. 


Kanchipuram silk sarees fit perfectly into this new design trend in ethnic wear and they were always around. It’s just now that everybody wants to wear these beautiful sarees for the following reasons:


1. Their gorgeous richness is perfect for occasion wear.


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Kanchipuram silk sarees are woven with the best of materials. Pure mulberry silk in heavy three-ply threads are used to weave its gorgeous drapes. Original zari is used to make its golden borders, pallu, and motifs. Any woman will look like a queen draped in such rich and lustrous material. This is why modern brides are opting for Kanchipuram sarees for their superior quality for their nuptials.


2. The contrasting colour combinations are the highlight of this saree.


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Banarsi sarees have limited color combinations in their palette, which is not the case with Kanchipuram silk sarees. Infact, the beauty of Kanchipuram silk sarees lies in the contrasting and infinite number of colour combinations it can offer as the body, border, and pallu are woven separately and then attached together. With so many colours coming together in lustrous silk and zari threads, no one can resist the beauty of these sarees. They look no less than designer silk sarees because of the unusual yet attractive colour combinations, and hence the popularity. 


3. The motifs on the saree are traditional, auspicious and works of art.


Kanchipuram silk sarees are traditional, auspicious and works of art

Kanchipuram silk sarees are artistic expressions of temple carvings on the walls and pillars of centuries-old temples of South India. Sculptural figures of gods and goddesses are weaved into their richly patterned pallus. The body of the saree is scattered with motifs, also drawn from nature, it’s flora and fauna. Also, age-old textile motifs like paisley, coin, stripes, and checks too adorn the sarees. Wearing them for special occasions is like being blessed as the original weavers of this art were considered 400 years ago as ‘weavers of God”. This is why more and more people are choosing these sarees for their special occasions to do all things right for good beginnings.


4. The handmade, natural textiles win hands down over machine made designs and materials.


Handmade kanchipuram silk sarees win hands down over machine made designs and materials


Many man hours go into the making of the Kanchipuram saree. It is a very skilled technique to join the three parts (body, pallu, and border) together in this saree. In an increasingly mechanized and artificial world, we are keen to go back to things natural and handmade to retain individuality and creativity in life. Nowadays, anything handmade has become precious, hence the younger generation is embracing these handmade sarees in a big way.


Owning a Kanchipuram saree is a case of pride and joy. Not only are these the best one can have in terms of quality of material and artistic expression, but they are long lasting sarees considered as family heirlooms since they can be handed down to the next generation for use and continuity of traditions.


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