Accentuate your personality and celebrate tradition the perfect way with Kanchipuram silk sarees

The feeling of celebration would be kindled when our mothers and other women of the family brought out their gorgeous, brilliant-hued Kanchipuram silk sarees from their precious folds of muslin. Wrapped in the glittering threads of gold and interspersed with the peacock colors of the silk, the women looked nothing less than goddesses descended upon the earth to spread some joy around. These sarees were worn through weddings, festivals and even birthdays and were gifted or handed down as family heirlooms through generations.


As every generation goes through a cycle of experimentation in fashion, these traditional sarees had to give way to newer versions of designer sarees, lehengas, and kalidaars for occasion wear. But, Kanchipuram sarees have continued to remain timeless classics, fit for special occasions. Thanks to celebrities like Rekha or Vidya Balan who never gave up their Kanchipuram, and then the likes of Shilpa Shetty or Deepika Padukone, who love to flaunt these traditional beauties on the red carpet, these sarees have continued to be in the limelight.




Kanchipuram silk sarees have their origin almost 400 years ago and were woven in Mulberry silk, shot through with the golden threads of the zari metallic wire, where silver was plated with gold to make this precious thread. These sarees were expensive, heavy and resplendent with temple borders, paisleys, coin, and floral motifs or crisscrossed by check and stripe patterns. Lately, a lot of interesting mix-and-match of the traditional ways of weaving and threading has been done by the artisans to come up with newer looks, affordable and lighter versions of the Kanchipuram saree without sacrificing its signature flavor. As a result, Kanchipuram silk sarees are nothing less than big fashion statements on their own, if smartly paired with stylish blouses and draped in newer ways.


This is that time of the year when the heat of summer is ebbing and the wedding and festive season is around the corner. This is the right time to go ahead and splurge on Kanchipuram silk sarees online. Get bold and experiment with the new avatar of this saree in the following ways:




1. Wear the saree with a belt - Emphasise your waist with a plain gold belt or an embroidered belt and throw in some interesting footwear to rock the event with your Kanchipuram silk saree. Wrap the pallu around the neck instead of letting its tail at the back for a more modern look with this belt…. And your all set to turn heads!


2. Pleat the Pallu differently - You can pleat the pallu, pin it neatly, then bring the tip of the pallu hanging at the back, around to the front and tuck it near the belly. You can add a nice gold cummerbund to accentuate this look. Another way is to pleat in the rest of the width of the pallu behind the gorgeous border, thus showing off only the thick border. Drape it in the front like a “sidha pallu” but Mumtaz style with only the border showing... and your svelte figure too!



3. Pair it with a jacket blouse - Ditch the regular blouse and go for a sleeveless waistcoat cut blouse in brocade or embroidered fabric. Button it over the front and slip the pallu out and behind at the neckline. This is a very regal look and bound to be a big hit with all!



4. Style it with a full sleeved modern blouse - Yes, that full sleeved blouse style that is such a rage in Western wear will rock with the Kanchipuram saree style. You can use silk or satin for a sleek fit!   A heavily embellished bustier will also look good with a sleekly well-pinned drape of this traditional saree. This is a non-fussy, yet glamorous look to create a stir!


Apart from these tricks, using chunky, minimalistic fusion jewelry with beads, precious and semi-precious stones, to accessorize these sarees will make a powerful style statement. In the world of fashion, all that traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees need from its wearer is loads of attitude and boundless imagination. So, let out that hidden diva in you in these glorious silk sarees during this festive season!    

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