Get inspired by these 5 ways to drape a saree this Ganesh Chaturthi



It’s that time of the year again when families gear up for Ganesh Chaturthi and bring Ganpati Bappa home for the 11 day long festival. This is also that time of the year when the ladies go all out dressed up in their beautiful ethnic attires to celebrate these age old traditions.

These are action packed days with morning-evening aarti’s, get togethers, elaborate meals and cultural programmes. So, what better than wearing a saree for to ring in this festival in style!

There are so many different kinds of sarees on can style oneself with, it proves to be the most versatile garment to change and wear through these continuous festivities. You can choose from South silk sarees, Banarsi silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, Bengali dhakai sarees, Rajasthani kota sarees, georgette or chiffon sarees; the choices are endless.

You can also make an individual style statement by draping the saree in different ways for different occasions. Just take a pick from any of our varied draping traditions across different states or from the many stylised drapes the celebrities and designers are coming out with. Here are a few favourite saree drapes you can take inspiration from this Ganesh Chaturthi:

The Dhoti Drape


1. The Dhoti Drape

This drape has been popularised by the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty and is a big hit with the younger ladies. It looks a bit like the traditional Maharastrian style of draping the saree, but with a modern twist. It has longer drapes at the leg and the pallu is draped longer around the front and left loose at the back. Sarees with a distinct border look good in this drape style.

The Double Pallu Drape


2. The Double Pallu Drape

All you need for this is a matching dupatta to go with the saree to create a dual layered effect. For this, you wear the saree in the regular way and tuck in the dupatta into the waist where the pleats go. Drape the other end of the dupatta across the neck as a scarf or allow it to fall over the shoulder to the front in the side opposite to the saree pallu. You will be a vision of elegance in this drape.

The Parsi Drape


3. The Parsi Drape

This is exactly the way the Parsi women wear their sarees. You should try this drape in a flowy material, with embellishments. Here, the pallu comes from behind and goes all over the blouse down the left shoulder, and then it is tucked into the side waist on the right by making long drapes almost till the hem of the saree. This is a very graceful and practical style for the very busy proceedings of the festivities.

The Toga Drape



4. The Toga Drape

This contemporary drape borrows from the Greek women’s traditional way of draping fabric across the front towards one shoulder. So the trick is to leave only that much pallu which drapes across the front and finishes there and no more. So instead of taking the bottom corner of the pallu end up till the shoulder, you leave it free, toga style. It’s a great wear to show off the elaborate pallus which a lot of sarees have, which otherwise gets lost among the folds.


The Short Draped Saree


5. The Short Draped Saree

Yes, you can just tie the saree short without the pleats or with a single or double pleat if you want, and wrap the pallu around the neck scarf style. Wear your elaborate cage style sandals or embellished sandals with ankle straps to show off the footwear. Be sure to coordinate the colours of your footwear with your saree.

There are many more ways to drape the saree for which you have the traditional drapes followed across the country, like the Gujarati sidha pallu, or the Bengali saree draping style or the two part Assamese Mekhla Chador. Take a pick from what suits your mood and the type of saree you are to wear to showcase this beautiful ensemble this Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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