Top 5 tips to Match your Pure Chiffon Silk Sarees with the Perfect Blouse

Pure chiffon silk sarees

Chiffon silk sarees are every woman’s dream saree! The image we imagine may be of a sensuous drape on some iconic Bollywood actress. It can also be an elegant wrap on the shoulders, as seen on a whole generation of royal Indian queens like Maharani Gayatri Devi. There’s a chiffon saree for every kind of woman an occasion; whether for a confident working professional, an outgoing homemaker or a charming grandmother.

What is key when choosing the blouse for the saree is the occasion, since different types of blouses can be matched with the same saree for a completely different look. By combining the same saree with different blouses, you can transform your look from simple to formal to glamourous in no time!

The blouse has off late become a statement piece in itself to distinguish the unique personality of the wearer of the saree. Designers have started experimenting a lot with the fabrics, usage of colours and cuts in blouses to give a refreshing twist to the age old chiffon saree. Celebrities and prominent women entrepreneurs and artists are also putting their individual stamp on their choice of blouses that go with their chiffon sarees. Here’s how you can combine, mix n match the blouse with the chiffon saree:

Printed blouse with plain chiffon silk saree                                                            

1. Printed blouse with plain chiffon silk saree

This is the hottest trend doing the rounds among the celebrities. You can choose bright cheery prints in linen or cotton to go with pastel hues of plain chiffon sarees for a day look. Alternatively, you can pick satin or silk prints in deep, dark hues to go with plain chiffon sarees for an evening look. The prints should ideally have accents of the plain colour of the sarees.


2.	Contrasting plain blouse with a plain chiffon silk saree                                                          

2. Contrasting plain blouse with a plain chiffon silk saree

Another great way to shift away from the tradition of matching the blouse with saree concept is to contrast the blouse colour with the saree. Throw in a rust brown blouse with an orange chiffon saree, or a sea green blouse with a beige saree, and a navy with a mustard yellow saree also works well. The combinations are numerous and creative expression for the bold and beautiful ladies. To notch up the style quotient, playing with the cuts of the blouses in non-traditional shapes will also enhance this colour blocking style of pairing blouses with the sarees.


Striped blouses combined with printed sarees                                                           

3. Striped blouses combined with printed sarees

When you buy pure chiffon silk sarees online, look out for the small geometric printed sarees which can be cleverly combined with striped woven or printed blouses.

This is a very fresh new take on combining two different prints together and looks good on almost any age group. Keep in mind to choose the same colour palettes for both the print of the blouse and saree as well and you’re good to go.


Metallic blouses with plain sarees                                                       

1. Metallic blouses with plain sarees

Tech fabrics in metallic colours like gold, silver, copper, gun metal etc. are now the trendy new fabrics in the market. These can be fabulously used to combine with pure chiffon party wear sarees. The hint of metallic glitter and glam in these blouses is the ideal look for the glam diva, modern and eclectic at the same time.

Imagine a black saree with a gun metal blouse and red lipstick, or a copper blouse with a brick red saree which only needs oxblood lipstick to top the fashion barometer. This combination is perfect for young millennials to rock the party in!

Darker hued blouses with lighter tones of the saree                                                            

2. Darker hued blouses with lighter tones of the saree

This is one smart take on the matching blouse with saree concept. Simply picking the same blouse colour but a couple of tones darker than the saree colour is a subtle but smart way to wear the blouse differently.

Here, one can also pick fabrics with varying self-textures to add more interest to this look. This colour coded look works very well for any occasion and looks effortless and chic.

The saree blouse is nowadays getting a lot of attention as it allows for a lot of creative license and individual expression. It is also a great medium to enhance the look of a saree, and with innovative cuts, enables new draping and tucking styles for the nine yard wonder

Thanks to the new avatars of the saree blouse, the saree has continued to stay relevant even in today's times. In fact, by opting for some unusual and new designs in blouses, you can add that whole new spunk to any saree and be a head turner!

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