Cotton Sarees for Summer, combining Style and Substance!

No clothing comes as close to being as versatile as a saree. The feel of a saree, its colour, design and ability makes it a garment that can be worn at different occasions, adapted to different seasons and is most comfortable for the everyday Indian women. This summer, make cotton sarees and light weight sarees from Vijayalakshmi Silks a part of your wardrobe. You will love the season by dressing yourself in them.

Women love dressing up, and in India sarees are the clothing of choice. While winters call for thick wool or heavy materials, summer is all about experiencing the bliss of cottons. Cotton sarees are light weight, airy and more importantly allow the body to breathe. The previous assumption that they are drab and boring doesn’t hold true anymore. They can be vivid, vivacious and wearing the right design and colors makes them look as grand as any silks. 

Cotton Sarees from Vijayalakshmi Silks

Cotton sarees are a crisp affair. When the right one is chosen and draped well, it makes the wearer look classy and regal. If travel to work, frequent meetings and a packed day is what your schedule is made of, then light weight cotton sarees are the perfect accompaniments to your day. Cotton sarees that are multi-hued in beautiful designs can also be worn for outdoor events such as weddings, house warming and other ceremonies. Whether it is a Gadwal in vibrant contrasting colors, or a light and trendy Leheriya in georgette or even soft Mangalgiri cotton whose beauty belies its simplicity, cotton sarees never disappoint and can be worn for all kinds of occasions.

Vijayalakshmi Sarees has a wide variety of plain cotton, casual cotton and light weight cotton sarees in different designs and materials. Few collections of cotton sarees are available in our stores, and among these everyday casual cotton, Gadwal sarees, Mangalgiri cotton sarees and Leheriyas in georgettes are most popular and very affordable. Lovely contrasts in Gadwals are created by master weavers, their cotton with vibrant silk borders being particularly in demand. Soft Mangalgiri feels light and dressy, and the entire saree look can be completed with custom coordinated cholis.

Maintenance of such cotton sarees requires much attention, but it is all well worth the effort. A few tips to maintain cotton sarees;

  • Always add a little rock salt to water before washing it for the first time, which prevents colour from leaking and spreading on subsequent washes.
  • Starching cotton sarees keeps it neat and crisp and makes it easier to drape as well.
  • Cotton sarees can be difficult to iron. Therefore, placing a press cloth between iron and the saree is advisable. It will give the saree a longer life.

Vijayalakshmi Silks has an enviable collection of pure silk sarees and designer silk sarees including chiffons and crepes for all kinds of occasions. Synonymous with quality and authenticity, we have a large collection of sarees, including tailored customised blouses, salwar suits in different materials and also retail accessories and clutches. We retail across four locations in Bangalore and our silk sarees carry the Silk Mark – a sign of authenticity. 

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