Drape a Saree to Look Tall and Elegant: No Heels Needed!

Every Indian woman chooses a saree when she wants to look her traditional best. The elegance and charm that a saree lends is incomparable, perhaps the reason why it is the clothing of choice for most women in India both for special occasions and as everyday wear. This nine-yard piece of clothing is taking the fashion world by storm — so much that even non-Indian women across the world want to give this traditional Indian clothing a shot. However, there’s a general misconception that only tall women look good in a saree. Many women who feel they aren’t blessed with height also struggle with all that fabric that makes a saree almost five- to nine-yard long. They also often compromise their love of saree for the fear of having to wear painful heels all day long. But no more!


Look Gracefully Tall with These Saree Hacks

Did you know that you could look tall in a saree with a few simple tricks and some adjustments to the way you’ve been draping a saree all this time?

Pure Silk Sarees


What’s more, you don’t even need heels when you follow these tips—but, of course, they are optional! The first step to ensure you don’t end up looking short is to buy the right fabric.


Tussar Silk Sarees


Choose sarees that are made of light fabrics, such as georgette, chiffon, and crepe, and avoid heavy fabrics, such as cotton.





Another trick for buying the right saree is to go for dark colours, small, light, or elongated prints, vertical or diagonal stripes, and sleek borders.


Big prints, horizontal stripes, and thick borders can make you look short. Next comes the right draping methods. Always tie your saree below your navel and make neat pleats. Getting these two things right is half the job done. Another trick to add to the illusion of height is to wear a blouse with long sleeves, such as quarter sleeves.



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