Traditional Elegance with a Modern Twist: Celebrate this Dussehra with Classy Silk Sarees

Dussehra Special Kanjivaram Saree Collection in India, Vijayalakshmi Silks

The victory of good over evil is the essence of Dussehra. The thought of the festival conjures images of grand celebrations that include burning effigies of Ravana in a display of valour and the end of all evil. Although it’s celebrated across India in all pomp and glory, Dussehra has a special significance in Karnataka. The grandeur in which the festival is celebrated in this Southern Indian state, especially in Mysore, has no competition. Better known as Mysore Dasara, it attracts tourists and devotees from all over the world. The 10-day festival marks the auspicious occasion of Navratri and Dussehra, with the tenth day being Vijaydashami. For all of 10 days, Mysore is dressed up as a bride. The Mysore Palace is completely illuminated and street processions bring the city to a standstill.

At Vijayalakshmi Silks, we honour the grand festival of Dussehra in our own special way. We would like to bring forth two distinct varieties of Kanjivaram sarees that match the grandeur of the festival with their ethereal beauty. Our collection of Vanasingharam and Kalakshetra designs on Kanjivaram sarees are a fine display of traditional elegance. We’ve taken traditional designs and the best of handlooms from four different states in India to create a breathtaking collection of gorgeous sarees. We’ve also given the humble saree a modern twist to match your evolving style and preferences. You would love to flaunt these sarees that are stylishly modern yet steeped in Indian heritage and values.

Our Kanjivaram collection is an epitome of refined beauty. The Vanasingharam and Kalakshetra inspired weaves do justice to the two Kanjivaram varieties. The distinctive features of Kalakshetra sarees are deep colours and broad borders. These sarees are instilled with traditional designs and brilliant motifs. The term Vanasingharam literally means the celebration of a forest. This pattern was originally the way of depicting a hunting scene on miniature Mughal paintings. It was Banarasi sarees that first used this depiction on sarees. This royal depiction was later adopted as a pattern on Kanjivaram sarees, which later came to be known as Vanasingharam.

Vijayalakshmi Silks understands the pulse of the Indian woman. We’ve believed in conserving Indian heritage while creating designs that adapt to the modern style. So much that our silk sarees are a part of every Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. Our sarees are an insight into the psyche of the modern Indian woman and her aspirations. And we’re able to win every heart with our elegant designs time after time owing to our dedication to quality. Our high-quality raw materials are sourced from and woven in different parts of India. However, we’re the wholesalers, and retailers of our silks, including sarees and ethnic Indian wear, across different locations in Bangalore.

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