Dress Up in Style to Celebrate Lord Ganesha’s Homecoming

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals in India. It commemorates Lord Ganesha’s birthday with festivities spanning over a period of 10 days. It’s hard to contain your excitement during a festival that’s celebrated with such pomp and glory not only in the Konkan states of Maharashtra and Goa, but all over India. Celebrations inlcude making clay models of Ganesha, making and eating modak, processions, and a lot of singing and dancing before sending Ganpati Bappa off with the visarjan. Women, men, and children dress up in their best attire to welcome Ganesha home and seek his blessings. Women bring out their best silks for the occasion. While some prefer Kanchipuram silk sarees, there are some who wear different pure silk sarees on each of the 10 days.

The Legend

The festival holds a special significance as per Hindu mythology. Of the many legends associated with the festival, the one that finds the most prevalence is the one that includes Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha’s parents. It is believed that little Ganesha was created from the dirt on Goddess Parvati’s body during a bath. She then sent little Ganesha to guard the door while she continued her bath. When Lord Shiva returned, Ganesha, following his mother’s orders, unknowingly stopped him. Enraged by this, Lord Shiva severed his head, which angered Goddess Parvati. To pacify her anger, Lord Shiva promised that he’ll bring little Ganesha back to life. He sent his followers to find a head, but all they found was an elephant’s head. So Lord Shiva fixed it onto te child’s body and brought him back to life. While grand scale celebrations mark Ganesha’s homecoming and take the country by a storm, have you decided what to wear to match the slendour of the festival? Don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted for you.

Let Your Sari Reflect the Grandeur of the Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi is the starting of the festive season. It’s that time of the year when you want to dress your colourful best. Whether you’re hosting guests at your home or going to visit one of the many puja pandals, you would want to match the colours of the festival with your attire. And there’s nothing more classier than a well-draped saree. At Vijayalakshmi Silks, we have an extensive collection of silks that are perfect for you to flaunt your ethnic glamour. You’ll find everything from  mbroidered silk sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, and Kanchipuram sarees to Tussar silk sarees and many varieties of pure silk sarees in a wide range of colours.

Your Official Partner for Everything Silk, Now and Forever

Vijayalakshmi Silks is the epitome of quality in the world of silks. We value your love of ethnic authenticity and, therefore, create some of the most exquisite silk sarees out there. Our silk products come with the seal of quality, the prestigious Silk Mark Certification. Not only does this validate the purity of the silk we use, but also reflects our mission to deliver only the best to you.

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