10 Bollywood celebrities who love to flaunt silk sarees

There’s no denying that apart from being the traditional attire of Indian women for centuries, the saree is also amongst the most elegant outfits that can be adorned by a woman. It is easy to drape and complements any body size and type. Silk sarees, in particular, such as Kancheevarams, Banarasisarees etc. are a timeless classics, and therefore, in even greater demand, as the rich texture of the silk lends a very regal look to those wearing it, almost setting them a class apart from others.


Many of our Bollywood divas to seem to have taken a fascination for the beautiful six yards of silk and have been seen sporting this trend for various red carpet events, be it premieres or award nights. Here are some of the most famous Bollywood divas who have rocked the silk saree look with elan:



1. Rekha

This ageless evergreen Bollywood beauty is known for her extensive collection of Kancheevaram silk sarees or pattusarees, as they are otherwise known. Rarely has there been an important event at which Rekha has been spotted in an attire other than her favouriteKancheevarams! From deep blues to bright reds, she has all the right shades of these gorgeous sarees that enhance her classic beauty in a way no other outfit ever can.

pure silk sarees - sridevi


2. Sri Devi

Although Sridevi may no longer be with us, her class and style is something that will stay with us forever. She was known for her love for South Indian silks and adorned them on a regular basis, and with utmost grace and elegance. Her gorgeous black locks and lovely deep eyes only added to the essence of the beauty the silk saree gave her.

vidya-balan - fashion lady


3. VidyaBalan

This versatile actress seems most comfortable when she is draped in her favorite attire - silk sarees. So it's no wonder that she pulls off wearing silk sarees effortlessly and with poise. She is another one of the actresses with the largest collection of Kancheevaram silk sarees in the Bollywood industry. Paired with simple temple jewelry, there's no one who can make looking good in a saree as easy as VidyaBalan.



4. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty’s sizzling hot yoga body looks good in any outfit, be it western or ethnic clothing. Sarees especially complement her slim figure and toned waist. She is regularly seen is silk sarees which just fall perfectly on her hourglass body and make her look better than ever.

anushka - femina


5. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma, one of the most talented faces in Bollywood right now, is also fond of silk sarees. In fact, she adores silk sarees so much that even on her wedding day, she chose to be dressed in a gorgeous red Baranasi silk saree, which made her look nothing short of royalty. On other occasions as well, she has chosen this traditional attire over Western outfits and looked fabulous.

shabana - bollyspice


6. Shabana Azmi

Shabana Azmi, another seasoned Bollywood actress, is known for her elegant outfit choices, especially when it comes to sarees. She is regularly seen sporting various types and colors of sarees, with silks clearly being a favorite. With her simple makeup and demeanor to go with it, she looks even more poised and elegant.



7. Deepika Padukone

This doe-eyed beauty loves her silk sarees, and no, we're not just talking about her looks in Chennai Express. She has proved that she looks best in ethnic attire, and this is evident not only from her looks in movies like Ram Leela and Padmavaat but also from the way she gracefully flaunts her sarees at various events. Her already beautiful features are further accentuated in these gorgeous silk sarees.

 Diya Mirza - south indian traditional sarees


8. DiaMirza

This actress, producer and winner of the Miss Asia Pacific pageant in 2000, is a huge fan of silk sarees and loves to flaunt them at various red carpet events. She is not afraid to pair bright colors with bold jewelry and doesn’t fail to charm us with her looks whenever she is draped in a silk saree at an event.

Madhuri Dixit - , kanchipuram silk sarees online


9. Madhuri Dixit

If there's anyone in Bollywood who can pull off any saree look, it's Madhuri Dixit. Any style, pattern or material complements her already glowing beauty, so it’s no wonder that even silk sarees look great on her. One of the women in Bollywood with the biggest saree collection, she adores Kancheevaram silks and regularly flaunts them at big events.

kokana sen - pinterest


10. KonkanaSen

KonkanaSen is many things - an actress, writer and director, and also a woman with a fabulous sense of style. She looks effortlessly beautiful in all the sarees she wears, and silk sarees are no exception, as she regularly sports silk sarees to premieres and other events. These silk sarees complement her perfectly and add a certain maturity and grace to her look.


Clearly, sarees are one outfit that can never go out of style. Moreover, they are versatile and can be draped in many ways. Our Bollywood actresses too seem to have developed a penchant for this versatile garment and are now experimenting with innovative drapes and styling to make a statement. They sure know how to steal the limelight in this classic ensemble….not to forget, they bring the saree back into the limelight every time they flaunt it!

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